With one or two exceptions, these are the plays by Angus Kohm that have been produced (or publicly presented in some way).  Click on each individual title for more information.

  • More Than You Deserve
  • Wenceslas Roi
  • The Rape of My Bad Body
  • The Corporate Whores
  • Bad Girls Jailhouse
  • A Man With A View
  • Dream Girl
  • The Blood On Santa’s Claws
  • Sorority Girls Slumber Party Massacre: The Musical
  • Just Another Day
  • The Inner City Dead
  • Samantha Panther, P.I. – Tough Girls Don’t Sing
  • I Was A Teenage Zombie
  • Play: The Big Band Theory (with Ron Paley)
  • The Big Kiss Off
  • Quo Vadis (with Olaf Pyttlik)
  • The Weirdest One In The World (with Cory Wojcik)

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